A Little Bit of Funny For a Very Serious World

A Little Bit of Funny For a Very Serious World

Follow me on Instagram @ notesfromthesanitarium 


Follow me on Instagram @ notesfromthesanitarium 

About the Artist

 I moved to the Southeast Idaho in 2019 to enjoy the beauty of the greater Yellowstone area. When I am not drawing, I am a homeland security and infrastructure resiliency consultant.  

About Notes from the Sanitarium


 (Noun) An institution for the preservation or recovery of health, especially for convalescence, health resort.   


After the stress of a long week, do you ever wish you could check yourself into a health resort to decompress and recharge? Do you need a little levity to balance all that is going on in the world?  Notes from the Sanitarium launched as a personal hobby, to capture my "slightly out there," sometimes bizarre, and (hopefully a little funny) inner narrative.  Sitting down to draw helps me to deflate at the end of the day and forces me to relax, despite the ever present list of chores.

Cartoon Themes

Many of my cartoons address my own insecurities, body issues, and fears through the medium of comedy. I've learned to laugh at myself, love today's version of myself (sometimes), and to understand that balance is a key ingredient for happiness.  My dogs and middle-schooler also provide a heavy dose of inspiration. 

Drawing Skills 

Call me crazy, but I had this idea to start a single pane comic strip without knowing how to draw or ever taking a drawing class.  As I sat down to draft my first cartoon in April 2016, I felt panic.  As each subsequent cartoon came to life, I began feeling more comfortable drawing, but still eating through multiple erasers every week!  Improving my drawing skills is a work in progress.  

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